In time for the holidays - Urban Ops

In time the holidays and because of a certain thing that just happened, this is the only time you will see this on a tshirt. The actual Digital Ops Group logo on an actual shirt that we issued the Team.

We made this tshirt after we helped with urban recon and disruptive ops. Get it while you can. Happy holidays!

EDIT: Well, I had 20+ people asking about what we actually did. While I cannot tell you exactly what we did (OPSEC + NDA + ETC), what I can tell you is that we were tasked with joining a recon effort. During the surveillance part we would be in charge of analysing the enemy behavior and begin to think like they do, sort of. This way when a plan of action was crafter we could red team it better. After the recon phase, we were tasked with disrupting the enemy. Since we coul understand the enemy after several weeks of recon, we could also try to disrupt its activities by providing several ways to attack both their physical and digital capabilities. It was a very interesting operation.