Free 'Active Defense' Tools Emerge | Dark Reading

A wave of open-source tools for turning the tables on cyberattackers are becoming available in the public domain for organizations looking for alternatives to traditional security methods.

It's not technically "hacking back," the tools' creators say: it's more about frustrating, identifying, and in some cases, physically locating, the bad guys behind the keyboard. This so-called "active defense" model is slowing catching fire despite initial concerns that it would cross the line into hardcore offense. The concept is evolving commercially as well, with vendors such as CrowdStrike, Mykonos, and HBGary.

While this is technically a Blue Team realm, I find this very interesting. I've been a long supported of the active defense way of thinking. I've been known to promote the "hacking back" option... In any case, I think we'll start seeing more and more of these smart defense / attack tools in the next few months.