Enhancing Red Team Performance: Driving Measurable Value and Quality Outcomes with Process Improvement | Small Wars Journal

Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) Red Team, Red Cell and Devil’s Advocate capabilities continue to improve technically and methodically at the practitioner level and within small adaptable groups. The “Red” element can enhance analytical products, challenge critical planning outcomes, scrutinize the viability of source reporting, and assess potential attacks or responses. Unfortunately, cases of leadership’s lack of support, organizational cultures, and how the “Red” capability is viewed or defined, may be hindering Red Teams and their support to decision makers and internal customers. DOD and IC leaders could benefit more from this alternative view or testing capability with process improvements that identify and resolve constraints and define value or capacity in the Red Team service offering. With a growing need for intelligence and operational supremacy in a resource constricted defense environment, commercial Lean Six Sigma concepts may help manage scarce Red Team resources effectively while boosting its analytical production and penetration testing capabilities for customer needs and DOD and IC value add.