Sometimes downtime is good. Downtime is when you can focus on what's coming, on the planning and on the things you need to learn. Usually what you need is - like the picture below - a notepad, a pen and good coffee.

photo 1.JPG

Downtime is also good to go through your AARs (after action reports) and see what can be done better the next time. Learning from mistakes and making sure the lesson is passed onto the rest of the team is key for the next project or operation. AARs also show where the team, the plan and the execution were good, another key point to learn from. Red teaming is always evolving and learning from past exercises and adding new technologies and techniques is certainly a good way to keep moving forward.

I usually reserve a day of the week to sit and learn. Either by reading a book or website, or by having one of the guys in the team present on a subject he or she has been researching. We all benefit from this. I also research and present things I'm passionate about and in doing this I make sure my thoughts and knowledge are as clear as they can be so I can transfer them to the team. It helps me learn a lot.

Downtime is good sometimes. Embrace it and make sure you utilize the free time to learn, train and prepare. Be on top of your game.