10 marketing lessons you can apply to red teaming

In 10 Marketing Lessons I Learned From the Israeli Army, the author lists 10 marketing ideas that with little or no change can be applied to read teaming too:

  1. Detailed planning is key (Rule 1 and 8)
  2. Situation analysis is the most important overlooked skill (Rule 2)
  3. Find your beachhead and have a plan of attack
  4. The weakest areas of your operation are the joints
  5. Decentralized, goal-oriented command is the only way to scale
  6. Know how to separate the wheat from the chaff
  7. Have a backup plan (yes, Rule 4)
  8. Intelligence leads to victory
  9. Data is irreplaceable (yes, the OODA loop)
  10. On the battlefield, effort doesn't matter, only results do

I think this list should be in your mind while preparing the next red team assessment. It's a simple list with a lot that can be applied to the different stages of the operation.

Check the whole article for the details of each lesson.

(Thanks Red Team Journal for the link!)