Question from a reader

CH asked: Hey, this is Sgt C. Last time we worked together you guys helped us in Khost, on FOB [redacted]. You had a compact kit with you and I was wondering if you could share this with me.

Hey C, good to hear from you!
If I remember correctly this is what I carried then (apologies for the low quality picture, I just grabbed what I could find to make a hasty picture):

So, I had a plate carrier (thanks Bryan at ITS Tactical!) with:

  • 3 mags for the m4
  • Holster for the Glock 19 and 2 mags attachment
  • A small ruck with:
  • Source hydration 3L bladder (not in the picture)
  • Notepad and cover - Rite in the Rain
  • Secondary IFAK: ITS Tactical ETA kit
  • Small pouch with SERE kit: inside the pouch there is cash, gold coins and some other items. And inside the patch, the SERE kit
  • Comms (not in the pic): MBITR and other radios
  • Light weight softshell jacket
  • On my pants:
  • Primary IFAK and tourniquete
  • Main SERE kit
  • Benchmade AFO II knife

And my issued M4.


Packing Light: Packing Lists

The last post on packing light resulted in many questions from readers. I tried to answer some of them, but it was clear that I needed to make a better post about how I do this. So, building on what I used to write for Pack Light, Go Fast, following the format of the packing lists at The Brooks Review, here's a post about what I take and how I pack for different trips.
The trick is to have synthetic and easy care fabrics (like Merino wool) that are easy to wash and can dry overnight. The only thing I bring that break this rule is a pair of jeans. However, I don't have to wash the jeans so often.

Before you continue, read first the post about packing light and going fast. It will give you a better sense on how I do things.
Now, these lists are a base. I can change them depending on weather, the trip's goal (business, business casual, recon, climbing, vacation...). I can even go as small as having a GORUCK Bullet 10 and pack only very little for a 2 day, 1 night trip:

This is what I packed when I went to visit our friends from GORUCK in their HQ in Florida

The items below can be worn for weeks, making it easy to remain light and agile (Rule 7). I've taken a small GR1 ruck with minimal clothing for a 3 week trip to Europe and a larger GR2 with gear and good clothing for a 5 week trip to Africa. You can live with little. And if you need more, the key is to have a small amount of cash set aside to buy things on location.

So, the lists.

Business Trips

When I don't need to bring a suit, but business casual is needed.

Business Casual and Project Work Trips

These are usually 7 to 10 days long trips.

Here are some examples (these are older pics):