Making some changes, good stuff and give aways

Earlier today, we anounced that we are going to jump start the blog in the summer. We are moving the blog to a new server and service, we are going have new stories, reviews, interviews and guest posts. We are also adding a forum, and a member's only "Guerrilla Red Team" protected area, where people can either come work on projects with us, or contact each other to go red team. We will also start a podcast.

And more importantly we want to keep the blog ads-free, and clean.

All this costs money. A little will come from the membership we will charge to those that want to be members of the Guerrilla Red Team, but most of the money for the move, the service, the coding and the general maintenance of the blog has to come from somewhere. We are fronting a big chunk ourselves. However, the other part, well, I hope we can raise it with your help. So, here's the deal: You can donate as little as $1 and enter to win the prizes below. You also get an automatic lifetime membership for the Guerrilla Red Team area when it's ready. No membership fees.

At the end of April we will draw 4 winners.

The first winner gets a RESCO Red Teams Edition and a Red Teams Patch. The second winner gets a GORUCK GR1 with the Red Teams Patch. the third winner gets an Agilite Battle Element Jacket in Urban Gray (you can choose size M, L, XL) and a Red Teams Patch, and the fourth and final winner get to choose one of the two Red Teams Patches.

How do you do this? Send your donation via PayPal (just write "Donation " as the subject) to Each dollar equals a ticket. On April 24th, we'll enter all your emails, and sums donated to a text file, run a BASH script on it and the 4 winners will be picked.

So, if you want to help, here's your chance.

Thanks so much!!!!